Our Company

Our ultimate goal is to give everyone access to a personalized skills development experience through technology.

About Us

We believe in education as a tool to empower people with the skills, knowledge and confidence they need to succeed. We are a team of passionate, changemakers, with long experience in this industry.

Our mission is to democratize career planning, skills development and the access to professional opportunities through a unique approach, focusing on the student-university-industry relationship, which is essential to equip students with skills that remain in demand and provide data intelligence to education institutions and employers to improve their processes.

Corporate Responsibility At Jump!

Economies and societies are being rapidly transformed by technology. One of the greatest challenges we face is ensuring everyone has access to the skills and knowledge they need to succeed. As technology advances, we're committed to ensuring people aren't left behind.

We believe that education and self-development are the keys to accessing careers fulfilling careers that benefit not only our users but the people and companies with which they work. We are committed to democratizing career planning, skills development and the access to professional opportunities. To embody this ideal we are launching the Skillful initiative and Social Responsibility Scholarship program.

This initiative invests 15% of our profit at Jump in providing financial support and opportunities to students embarking on fantastic careers to which they might not otherwise have access.

Free Services Without Selling Data Free Platform Access - No Ads - Privacy Guaranteed

Jump is committed to democratising career planning, skills development and access to professional opportunities. As a service, we focus on bringing together guidance, information and opportunities for students and job seekers to help them realise the true extent of their potential.

At Jump! we provide our career guidance and application services free to students and job seekers. We do this without selling user data or advertising on the platform. We create revenue by adding value for educational institutions and prospective employers. In this way, we shorten the path to success for our users without compromising their personal data or their experience with our app.

This also results in improved efficiencies for employers and educational facilities where increased levels of success and graduation have a direct impact.