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We are a team of passionate change-makers with extensive experience in this industry. We value creativity, innovation and integrity and we're not afraid to challenge ourselves and others.
We're a fully distributed company with employees in 8 countries around the world (and counting!). Our headquarters is in San Francisco, but everyone at Jump! is free to live and work wherever we’re happiest and most productive. With such a diverse group of experienced experts, from so many different places, we bring a unique perspective to everything we do.

Andres Santiago

Founder, CEO, Product

Ed Laurence

Chief Technology Officer

Malory Quintero

Chief Talent Officer

Roberto Uribe

Design Director

Jordan Cran

Front-End Developer

Wilco Tubog

Front-End Developer

Jeffrey Press

University Partnership US

Doug Shortt

University Partnerships US

Katherine Gannon

University Partnerships US

Rami Farah

University Partnerships CA

Shadi Richani

University Partnerships CA

Nikiforos Panorios

University Partnerships UK

Tim Ou

University Partnerships CA

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